Catalysts for Coffee Roasters

Efficient and reliable reduction of odours, smoke and emissions

  • You are roasting coffee and do not want to take care of unpleasant topics like emissions?
  • Your neighbours are complaining about coffee odours and/or smoke?
  • The authorities demand constantly lower emissions from you?
  • You want to do more in order to protect the environment?

We have the right solution for you: personal support, the right catalyst as well as all necessary accessories and services. We want you to be satisfied in the long term.

During the roasting of coffee beans odours, smoke and harmful waste gases are formed. Our catalysts convert these undesirable by-products to unpoisonous substances – already at low temperatures and even with additional strict NOx limits.

All catalysts of H.U.T. are made 100% in Germany and pass strict quality controls. This is why we can guarantee for the durability of our products and the compliance with all legal requirements and emission limits.

Catalysts for Coffee Roasters

Our Full Service Package

You are getting everything you need from us for the waste gas cleaning of your coffee roasters:

  • The best customized catalyst solution including catalyst casing, ready-to-install
  • Catalyst accessories like sealing cord and cleaning agent
  • General overhaul of your used catalysts
  • Taking back including environmental friendly recycling and disposal

Do you have any questions?

Please feel free to contact us for further details about our products.